Praise for The Pitch:

"The poems of Thompson's second collection swagger, looking with equal parts wonder and spleen through the streets of New York..... Shifts in tone from humorous to despairing to empathic give the poems a destabilizing feel...often creating momentum. In the best of these, Thompson makes the awful beautiful and the beautiful awful, in the hope that 'when / radiance comes we go/ with it even if it blinds us.'"

Publishers Weekly

"Before the sum of the parts of the city can equal the limits of location...The Pitch is located in the moments where atmosphere ends and subjectivity begins. Here the 'not quite' occupies space and all notions of urban are disallowed from overtaking the landscape. This collection is an astonishing experience that turns a room into an everywhere. It is exquisite and luxurious and mysterious."

—CLAUDIA RANKINE, author of Don't Let Me Be Lonely

"Invigorating. The poems live in that zone above the trampoline's bounce.... The titles hint at the fun and freedom [Thompson] finds in language (e.g., 'Rough sketch for a shinier forest'), and wordplay and punning pour expertly from his poet's cup (e.g., 'A him? Ahem. Wispy god, indelicate/ haze we only need some of in this mirrory city').... He writes athletic, almost surreal lines that stimulate and charm."

Library Journal

Praise for Live Feed:

"[In] Thompson's extraordinary poetry.... the phrases jump out of the person who writes so violently that they are no longer his possession. They send you into anonymous newness, much of it at the splendid edge of the sublime.... This is the imagination at its most exciting, rushing ahead of comprehension, bidding the reader to hurry, hurry, I have something to show you."

—CAL BEDIENT, Boston Review

"The poems in LIVE FEED hold together because of their sophisticated ligature and nervous system: flash-in-the-pan assonance and alliterative puns, onomatopoeia, staggered internal rhymes. Tom Thompson's poems are galvanized by the surge of electrical language, and, more often than not, their popping and buzzing makes the hair stand at the back of your neck."


"Tom Thompson's poems are startling in their use of economy. They move quickly to the heart of matters the mind can indicate but only the spirit seize. In their various voices, anxious verbal gesturings, swift turns—in their understanding of the action of spirit as it swerves and gives body to a poem—they are enormously mature. In fact, a sense of readiness, great poise, and tightly-wound-up power govern this book from start to finish. It is original, as well as distinctly necessary, its arrivals sturdy, passionate and true."


"In LIVE FEED, Tom Thompson leads the pastoral deeply into a wild darkness of the here and now. Even more wonderfully, he leads it all the way to new light and hearty wakefulness. The project of American poetry is freshly companioned by these poems"


"LIVE FEED crackles and hums with newness. It is as fresh a re-imagining of the possibility of what language can be to the cityscape as Hart Crane's was to the Brooklyn Bridge. It's 'break-neck,' 'nervy static,' 'non-sequential sequins.' It's voyeurism, gunmetal, brick and pigeons. With its cracks and fissures visible, LIVE FEED is the brash and beautiful portrait of today's urban family."